Naju: A city with history and modern culture.

드들강 솔밭유원지전남산림자원연구소불회사나주영상테마파크금성관

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Naju Travel Review

  • Natural Dyeing Cultural Center Experience

    The Natural Dyeing Cultural Center has a regular exhibition hall, a library, a gift shop, an experience center, a seminar room and a laboratory to contribute to the development and inheritance of the tradition of natural dyeing.

    보리마당거리 담벼락
  • A Miniature Hanyang, Naju Eupseong Fortress

    From a long time ago Naju was called Sogyeong (miniature capital) since it was similar to Hanyang. The Naju Eupseong Fortress was built in the early period of Joseon and had a role in the administration of the Honam region for 600 years.

    사매기와 향청터
  • Encounter Ancient Tombs

    These ancient tombs are a unique element of the cultural heritage of the Yeongsan River Basin built 2000 years ago in the Mahan era before the Three Kingdoms period.

    구 나주역