Recommended Tour

Introducing famous Naju attractions with a special charm.

Ride along the Yoengsan River bike path

영산강 자전거길을 부부한쌍이 자전거를 타고 가는 모습
along the river

A romantic 133-km bike ride

영산강 자전거길을 부부한쌍이 자전거를 타고 가는 모습

Everything you see is like a pretty picture while riding along the Yeongsan River Bike Path. It is such a beautiful image on a spring day with the blue sky, barley fields and the water slowly flowing through the Yeongsan River while sparrows chatter in the background. The fields and river winding around the mountain add to the scenery of the riverside that could be something in a postcard.


현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 5.2Km21Min
Naju bridge
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 5.6Km23Min
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 130m1Min
Hwangpo sailboats
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 2.6Km11Min
Angam rock
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 6.1Km12Min
Natural Dyeing Cultural Center
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 2.9Km11Min
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 1.5Km6Min
Naju Image Theme Park
현재 위치에서 다음 관광지 까지 5.2Km21Min
Yeongsannaru Village


영산강 황포돛배가 유유히 물길을 지나가는 모습

The Yeongsan River Bike Path is 133 km long and extends along the riverside from the Damyang Dam Water and Culture Center to the Hwangpo sailboat ticket booth near the Mokpo mouth of the Yeongsan River. The bike path features the ‘5 attractions of Yeongsan’ where you can take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yeongsan River.

자전거길따라 보이는 영산강의 전경사진
영산강이 정면으로 보이는 전경사진

The 1st attraction is Yeongsan Sukjo, which looks spectacular at sunset, and the 2nd is the Sigyeongjeong Pavillon, where a nice breeze from the Gok River blows through the reed fields. The 3rd attraction is the Seokgwanguibeom where you can watch Hwangpo sailboats from Seokgwanjeong. The 4th attraction is the Juksanchunhyo where you can fully enjoy the spring flowers of Naju Juksanbo. The 5th attraction is Guemseongsangun, the golden Naju fields that can viewed from Yeongsanpogu.

위에서 바라본 영산강 전경사진

The biker-recommended course is just 4 km long and located behind the Naju image theme park, where you can enjoy the nice views of the Yeongsan River and other tourist attractions. You can also have a picnic in the waterside park.

억새밭에서 바라본 영산강의 전경
나주평야와 영산강의 전경모습