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Naju’s Most Famous Food

Naju Gomtang


In Naju lean meat is used to make gomtang broth, while other regions use bones. This leads to a different flavor that is representative of Naju. Naju also employs a secret method for making the broth that everyone loves.

Gujinpo Freshwater Eel

민물장어 쌈

Gujinpo is famous for barbecued eel and is located along the Yeongsan River where seawater and freshwater meet, making it a prime location for catching eels. There is an eel restaurant street where chefs follow traditional recipes that you can visit anytime to get a taste of these delicious eels.

Hongeo (Fermented Skate): A Taste of Naju

나주홍어 한상차림

Sailboats that sailed along the Yeongsan River from Heuksan Island were always filled with skates. Hongeo (fermented skate) was taken along for extended journeys and became another representative taste of Naju. There is a street of hongeo restaurants near the old dock of Yeongsanpo where the dish is prepared in manner unique to Naju.