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Ancient Tombs of Naju


These ancient tombs are a unique element of the cultural heritage of the Yeongsan River Basin built 2000 years ago in the Mahan era before the Three Kingdoms period. These tombs are distributed throughout Duksanri, Shinchonri and Daeanri, with the Jami Mountain Fortress at the center. The tombs of various shapes (pyramid, cone, angular, etc.) and sizes make it seem like you are walking through a mysterious kingdom.


The Bannam Ancient Tombs consist of 34 tombs in total, with 8 tombs in Shinchonri, 14 tombs in Duksanri, and 12 tombs in Daeanri. Jami Mountain (98 m) in Bannam, Naju is located at the center of this distribution of tombs. The excavated relics of the Giant Jar Coffin Ancient Tomb found near the Yeongsan River are numerous. Their style is a mixture of jar styles found in Bakjae and Japan, with a hint of Gaya as well. This may suggest that this society traded with Bakjae, Gaya and Japan. It also suggests they had a dynamic marine culture that involved use of the Yeongsan River’s canal. The society that built the Yeongsan River Basin jar coffin tombs was eventually brought under the control of Bakjae’s local government around the mid-6th century.


The mystical Bokamri Ancient Tombs were revealed in 1996 after 4 tombs near Jamae Mountain in Bokamri were unearthed. The 3rd tomb is the biggest of the Bokamri Ancient Tombs and, because it had never been robbed, it was filled with such relics as bronze shoes, sliver accessories and a sword with a round-shaped handle. There were more than 40 coffins densely arranged in one big tomb, so the tomb was given the nickname ‘Apartment Tomb.’ The Bokamri Ancient Tombs exhibit hall is expected to be built in Rangdong Village. A number of ancient tombs were also found In Yeongdongri across from Bokamri, so people are currently engaged in active study of this area.

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Naju National Museum

The Naju National Museum located at 747 Gobun-ro, Bannam-maen has about 1500 relics on display including the bronze crown from the 9th tomb of Shinchonri.

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