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Introducing famous Naju attractions with a special charm.

See the miniature Hanyang Naju Eupseong Fortress

정면으로 본 금성관 전경모습

A Miniature Hanyang of Joseon

정면으로 본 금성관 전경모습

From a long time ago Naju was called Sogyeong (miniature capital) since it was similar to Hanyang.The Naju Eupseong Fortress was built in the early period of Joseon and had a role in the administration of the Honam region for 600 years. It is also the biggest eupseong fortress in Korea at over 3.7 km in length.

Geumseonggwan of Naju

정면으로 본 금성관 전경모습

Geumseonggwan was an inn in Naju for foreign envoys and officers from Hanyang. The Naju one is the only inn from that era that has been perfectly preserved.

Moksanaea: the Head Officer’s Living Quarters

벗꽃이 활짝 핀 목사내아 내부전경

This was a private house for the head officer of Naju. This was actually the designated home for the mayors of Naju until the end of the 1980s. But this was converted into an accommodations facility in 2009 and has become a famous spot for families to visit.

Naju Hyanggyo (Confucian School)

나주향교 정면모습

The Naju Hyanggyo was built in the early period of Joseon and was never burnt down, so its original form has been maintained. After the Seonggyungwan Academy in Seoul burnt down, it was reconstructed based on the model of the Naju Hyanggyo. There is a ginko tree in front of the Daeseongjeon that is 500 years old and that serves as the protector of Naju Hyanggyo’s history.

The Mok Culture Center

나주목문화관 전시관 사진
정수루 전경사진

This is an exhibit hall that displays Naju Mok’s history and culture as South Jeolla’s administrative, military, economic and cultural center in the period when Naju was known as Naju Mok from 983 to 1895. The Jeongsuru, the gate to the Naju government office, was built here in the 19th century.