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Ride a Yeongsan River Hwangpo sailboat

풍류가 흐르는 영산강 물길따라 영산강 황포돛배
Along the Yeongsan River that Flows with Artistry

Yeongsan River Hwangpo Sailboats

풍류가 흐르는 영산강 물길따라 영산강 황포돛배

Countless sailboats once dotted this river. These boats that once attracted the eyes of the ancient people disappeared a long time ago along with their memories. But now this old tradition has been restored. When you climb aboard these resurrected relics you’ll feel the sweet-smelling wind from the Yeongsan River caress your cheek as if in greeting. Hwangpo sailboats are named after the boats built with mud-dyed sails that were used to transport rice, salt, seaweed, skates and other goods along the Yeongsan River in the past. The sailboats disappeared completely after the last boat left in 1977 when the dam and the estuary bank were built in 1976. 30 years later in 2008 the Hwangpo sailboats enjoyed a great revival. They were made in the exact same style as in the old days, and they have been used for memory-filled sailing trips along the Yeongsan River ever since.

Hwangpo sailboats with mud-dyed sails!

선착장에서 사람들에 돛배앞에 모여있는 사진
황포돛배 두척이 선착장에 정박해 있는사진
앞쪽에서 정박되어 있는 뱃머리를 찍은 사진
영산강을 따라 유유히 움직이는 황포돛배

As you sail along the waterway, the beautiful Yeongmojeong and Giojeong are displayed like a scene on a folding screen. The Yeongsan River waterway used to be an important route over which a lot of people and products traveled. It could be that Yeongsan River was formed by the tears of the many people who had to bid farewell to one another. The captain’s informative commentary throughout the trip is worth a listen.

Hwangpo Sailboat Tour

빛가람 1호 / 2호 (승선인원 12명)
나주호 (승선인원 49명)
왕건호 (승선인원 96명)
영산강호 (승선인원 83명)

The Hwangpo Sailboat Tour offers sightseeing along the silky water of the Yeongsan River. It is a highlight of any trip to Naju. A journey through the past begins as you depart from the Yeongsan dock and listen to the compelling stories told by the guide in the local dialect. Tourists visiting Naju can have a special experience during the Hwangpo Sailboat Tour as they ride the Bitgaram No.1 and No. 2 sailboats, which are replicas of old wooden ships, the Najuho sailboat that features a beautiful Korean design, the Wanggunho sailboat reproduced using part of a ship from the Goryeo Dynasty, and the Yeongsangangho sailboat that offers a sense of speed as the boat sails quickly through the waterway.

TIP : The boats will only sail if a minimum number of passengers are aboard. The Bitgarams require 3 or more. / the Najuho requires 13 or more. / the Wanggungho and Yeongsangangho require 20 or more.

Sailing Information

  • Location
    • Yeongsan River Dock : 80 Deungdae-gil, Naju (279-12, Yeongsan-dong)
  • Contact
    • 061)332-1755
  • Sailing Times
    • Tuesday to Sunday (10am-5pm)
    • Closed each Monday (except holidays)
    • Lunch break (12:00~13:00)
    • Winter season (November-February) does not sail at 17:00
    • The boat may not sail depending on weather or boat conditions.

Sailing Times

Sailing Timetable
운항구간, 출발시간, 소요시간, 선박으로 구분하여 안내
Sailing Route Departure time Time required Sailboat
Yeongsanpo Dock ↔ Natural Dyeing Cultural Center Dock (Round-trip 10 km) 10:00 50min Bitgaram

Sailing Charge

Sailing Charge table
운항구간, 구분, 개인요금, 단체요금(20인 이상), 나주시민(이전 공기업)으로 구분하여 안내
Sailing Route sortation individual fare Group rate
(more than 20 people)
Naju citizen/
Public corporation
Yeongsanpo Dock ↔ Natural Dyeing Cultural Center Dock (Round-trip 10 km) Adult 8,000원 7,000원 4,000원
Youth 6,000원 5,000원 3,000원
Senior/ Children 4,000원 3,000원 2,000원
  • Discount rate(ceritificate is needed), Discount rate cannot be combined with Group rate
  • Naju citizen, Senior citizen (over65)
  • Disabled (1~3grade), men of national merit
  • Naju City Public Corporation Employee(Dec.31,2019)