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Gujinpo’s eel street

구진포 장어구이
High Protein Stamina Food,

the Gujinpo Eel

구진포 장어구이

Naju Gujinpo is a place where fresh water and sea water meet and is famous for its tasty eel. Gujinpo eels taste especially good because they eat loaches.

Gujinpo Eel Street

구진포 장어구이 음식이미지
구진포 장어구이 음식이미지

Gujinpo is located on the way to Huijin village from Yeongsanpo and Naju. The port has disappeared, but the taste of eel remains. There is a street filled with eel restaurants that feature traditional recipes. You can visit anytime and enjoy good food.

  • Location: Near the riverside of Gujinpo, Naju-si
  • Transportation: Use the #500 buses that are going in the direction of Dasi and get off at Gujinpo.