Introducing famous Naju attractions with a special charm.

Local specialties

  • 나주배 이미지 Naju Pear

    Naju pears are produced through high quality cultivation techniques based on experience and long history. High quality soil from the Yeongsan River basin and suitable weather conditions are considered to make sure these pears are soft, juicy, and high in sugar content. In addition, these colorful, crisp fruits are exported to Taiwan, the U.S., Canada, the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe as a world-class fruit.

  • 배즙 이미지 Pear Juice

    This health drink is made from 100% Naju pears ground in cauldrons that are high in sugar content and superior in taste. These pears were cultivated in high quality soil and optimal climatic conditions.

  • 나주쌀 이미지 Naju Rice

    The reed leaves have accumulated for many years. The soil is rich in organic matter. The superior soil quality and the fresh winds of the Naju Plain help the rice have excellent taste and nutrition.

  • 홍어 이미지 Skate

    The southern skate was served to kings in the past. Skate that is fermented in the Yeongsanpo region has a particularly pungent taste.